Arvada IP offers expert advice on the monetization and transfer of intellectual property. Our team provides analysis of the strength of patents, technically, legally, and financially, and helps patent holders maximize the value of their IP.

Finding ideal matches between sellers and buyers, Arvada IP works hard to ease the process and assist our clients in achieving the best outcome.

Patent monetization

Arvada IP facilitates the sale of patents, helping holders maximize the full value of their holdings and easing the selling process for both parties.

As the only intellectual property firm led by well-seasoned patent attorneys, Arvada IP is uniquely positioned to successfully navigate the complex world of patent monetization on behalf of its clients.

The legal team at Arvada IP brings their specialty knowledge and experience to bear on every interaction, from preliminary market research and vetting to negotiating and finalizing the sale or licensing agreement. They provide exemplary guidance throughout the patent monetization process. At every stage, legal, technical, and financial experts contribute to a plan tailored to help patent holders realize the maximum value for their intellectual property.

The extensive vetting process allows Arvada IP to be discerning about their clients; they closely match their own experience and relationships to patent holders whose intellectual property they identify as prime opportunities.

Arvada IP’s in-house team of experts is highly qualified to analyze patents for both technical and financial viability. Technical merits are assessed by a testifying expert in the field while the financial strengths are measured by specialists very familiar with the market’s landscape. This consolidation of legal, technical, and financial expertise allows Arvada IP to provide the highest level of support to patent holders throughout the process.

IP Potentialization

With years of experience locating prime patents and facilitating their sale or licensing, Arvada IP can bring its expertise to the task of identifying unique patent opportunities.

Arvada IP’s thorough assessment process ensures that buyers will get high-quality patents that are best suited to their needs. Whether the situation requires locating a single patent that’s the perfect fit, bundling IP from several holders together in a complementary way, or recognizing unexpected potential, Arvada IP creates exceptionally productive transactions for all parties.

The patent vetting process is carried out by Arvada IP’s team of seasoned attorneys who create a claim chart and a testifying expert who rigorously tests all technical specifications. Financial professionals assess the market value. The combined effort of the whole team assures that buyers get precisely what they need: high quality IP and a seamless transaction.

Portfolio Valuation

Arvada IP provides full analyses of IP portfolios, from the technical merits of a patent to its financial strength in the current market.


A complete, accurate valuation is only possible if each aspect is assessed by an expert in their field. Each team member at Arvada IP is highly qualified and proficient; their analyses are based on extensive experience and will provide IP holders with a well-researched, detailed evaluation.

The knowledge and experience of the team at Arvada IP allows them to quickly understand the context of each unique IP portfolio and evaluate it with care and alacrity. They operate efficiently, providing patent holders with a clear analysis expediently.

Each aspect of the IP is examined, from the strength of the patent itself to its language and technical soundness. Arvada IP also does a thorough examination of any prior art that might be relevant to value. The resultant valuation is based on a comprehensive analysis of the patent and the market.

Because Arvada IP’s team of legal, technical, and financial experts are all in-house, they can easily collaborate to create a holistic view of the merits of a patent or IP portfolio. They don’t outsource work, which allows them to be in control of the quality of the research and complete it efficiently and effectively. It allows both patent holders and buyers to come to any transaction with an understanding of a patent’s value that they can trust is complete. Patent portfolio analysis can greatly ease the process of transferring ownership.