Specialty knowledge
and experience in Intellectual Property.


Arvada IP is a cutting-edge patent advisory company focusing on Intellectual Property transactions and monetization.

Founded by intellectual property attorneys, Arvada IP is uniquely positioned to assist its customers in monetizing its valuable IP assets.


Arvada IP offers expert advice on the monetization and transfer of intellectual property. Our team provides analysis of the strength of patents, technically, legally, and financially, and helps patent holders maximize the value of their IP.

Finding ideal matches between sellers and buyers, Arvada IP works hard to ease the process and assist our clients in achieving the best outcome.

Patent Monetization

Arvada IP facilitates the sale of patents, helping holders maximize the full value of their holdings and easing the selling process for both parties.

IP Potentialization

With years of experience locating prime patents and facilitating their sale or licensing, Arvada IP can bring its expertise to identify unique patent opportunities.

Portfolio Valuation

Arvada IP provides full analyses of IP portfolios, from the technical merits of a patent to its financial strength in the current market and specific industry.